Using Your Casino’s Concierge Service

Using you’re the concierge service at you local casino is as easy as walking in the door! In the past, casinos offered VIP service for their best guests, and while some casinos still offer this service, the concierge office serves all guests.

The concierge office or desk is usually located close to the main entrance, close to the front desk. However, while the clerks at the front desk will only be able to get you checked into your hotel room, the clerks in the concierge office offer “the keys” to many more services.

Inside the offices, a concierge assists guests with restaurant reservations, arranging for spa services, and offering maps of the facilities. They can provide hours of operation for all of the hotel and casinos events and amenities, and you should be able to view each restaurant’s bill-of-fare. They can also set you up with a casino host and introduce you to the casino’s player’s club.

Don’t Be Intimidated

The concierge office is for everyone, and they should be able to answer any question you have about the hotel and casino, but they can also recommend night life hot spots, book your transportation to sporting events, and help with various travel arrangements and tours of local attractions. Many properties can help you get tickets to shows, sporting events, and even print maps for you if you want to drive yourself to local shopping malls.

There is no fee for using the services of the concierge office and tipping is rare. If you actually book transportation or show tickets, you will of course be expected to pay directly for those services. If you think your bookings should be included in your stay, make sure the concierge provides you with a casino host.