Casino Payment Methods

It is every player’s desire to win the jackpot one day and experience the thrills that comes with it as well as fattening his or her bank account. Ironically, it isn’t every player that knows which step to take the moment a game is won. Note that the slot machine would lock up immediately you hit the winning combination of symbols for a huge jackpot. You may notice a message on the board say ‘CALL THE ATTENDANT’. This might be after the lights had started flashing and a different tune of music starts playing. In some cases, the slot machine might start ringing bell at that time. It is common for most casinos to have a central monitoring room where a signal would be sent immediately to notify them that a large win had occurred.

If the jackpot is $5,000 or less, an attendant would just come to the slot machine, verify that you actually hit the jackpot and pay you instantly. But if it is in case of the progressive jackpot of other huge jackpots, the casino may bring in their technicians to check up the gaming machine. The idea is to ascertain that such machines are working properly when the jackpot was won. This is a common practice among almost all the casino operators. They usually want to authenticate any win before giving the check to the winner. The truth is that this is a simple measure that is put in place to safeguard the games against fraudsters but if you win plainly, you will definitely get the money no matter how big or small.

At the casino halls, you have the option of taking your winnings cash or going home with a check. These options are usually presented to the winner especially if the win is more than $5,000.

There are some breath-taking multi-million dollar jackpots like the MegaBucks which attracts a unique kind of payment. An initial percentage of the total jackpot amount is paid to the winner by check. This amount could be up to a$100,000 or more depending on certain factors. Then, after 90 days, the winner would decide whether to take an annuity on the balance or a lump sum. But the point is that the winner will be asked for his or her preferences.

It is always good to plan ahead and know exactly what to do when you win. This is because some winners are so excited about it such that they end up messing the whole situation by maybe pressing the wrong button before the attendant comes. You just have to be calm till the attendant comes so that you will be paid without many hassles.

You may decide to take away all your winnings or just part of it and can keep some in the gaming account as a withholding sum but whichever your decision, you mustn’t forget to come to the casino hall with your Identification cards because you will need means of identification when you win.