Big Win Oriented Gambler

You really want to win big. You don’t care that much about the number of sessions per month, and you don’t feel the need to be at the casino for hours, unless of course you are kicking-but and taking names. Then you’ll stay all night if the chips keep coming! Your mantra is: Take no prisoners, unless they are in chip form.

To win big, you’ll have to bet more, and you’ll press your luck each time there is a hint of a winning streak! That’s great, and you’ll have a good session once in a while, but not always. You’ll still have to decide how much to risk of your monthly bankroll, but if we know you, you’ll take a single shot this month with the whole amount, start with $25 bets, and plunge ahead with higher bets as long as you are catching a few hands. You’ll need to know that you won’t win very often, but one winner might be 10x your buy-in. That’s great. You make sure you set a goal and get out with it!

Professional Gambler

There really aren’t that many professional gamblers around. Sure, a lot of player put in many hours, but only a handful of those have no other income. However, you may be in this category even if you just like to win to supplement your day job’s income. In this case, you might play a little craps or roulette as a diversion, hoping to win, but your main games are blackjack and/or poker. For either game, you won’t be like the big-win player, taking the whole $500 to a single $5/$10 blind no-limit game, you’ll take part of your bankroll, find a game that suits your skill and cash, and play conservatively to grind out a win. Your mantra is: I’m a professional, which means you risk the money when you have the edge.

You won’t win all the time, but you can expect to have a profit at the end of the month. If you are playing blackjack and counting cards, you know your income is based on your bet-spread and your advantage. If you are getting 5-1, you’ll make a little money. If you can get 10-1, you’ll make 1-percent (assuming you don’t make errors) of your total amount wagered per hour. Want to make more? Don’t spend your winnings. Save them, so you can make larger bets – that’s how you make more per hour.

Likewise, if you play poker, you know you’ll make more if you get into a higher game. You don’t want to risk going broke and being out of business, so you need to save your winnings before moving up in table limits. If you play in tournaments, you also know that your variance is much higher, so you need to allocate a smaller portion of your bankroll for each buy-in. When to re-buy in a tournament is also an important decision.

Degenerate Gambler

If you really just want to gamble, can’t help yourself, can’t set a gambling bankroll, or exceed your planned loses each month, you aren’t having fun, are you? When you spend too much money or too many hours at the casino and it impacts the other aspects of your life, you need to slow down. Easily said, but hard to do. Consider the other things to do in life: spend time with your family, go to the gym, see a show, see friends, write some poetry, go on a trip, take a class, or just take a stroll.

If you’ve tried, but failed to find anything else to do but gamble, you may have an addiction and need help. You can call the National Council on Problem Gaming at: 1-800-522-4700. Remember, gambling should be fun. If it isn’t, quit, or get help!