6 Critical Online Poker Tips for Beginners

Lots of new poker players make certain mistakes that are quite laughable because of ignorance. The unfortunate part of the online casino games is that nobody would laugh at you but it is your money that will be lost if you keep making the same mistakes. You don’t have to develop cold feet just because you are facing an experienced player but the smart thing to do is to get equipped and start playing more confidently irrespective of who you are playing against.

A. If you want to start winning most of your poker games, you have to carefully note the players that are loose and those that aren’t. The lose players are those that do not know when to call, they bet recklessly without thinking, they don’t know when it is ripe for them to call or raise and don’t seem to remember their bet hands most of the time. Just peep around and take note of players that fall into these categories because they are the ones that would unknowingly ensure that you record more wins in many of your games. Trying to figure out the loose players is one poker playing skill many people usually overlooked. I have used this particular strategy to win several thousands of dollars in my many years of poker gambling.

B. You have to be a bit more careful while playing against more experienced players because they would be watching your moves and will not hesitate to punish you if you make some careless mistake. For example, you have to ensure that you don’t play the same hand twice because an experienced player would readily interpret that and react appropriately.

C. Make sure your cards are well covered because the moment your opponents see your cards, they will form good opinion as to what might be your next move and adjust their game plans.

D. If you had been in the poker game for sometime, you must have realized that many poker gamers make the mistake of playing all the hands. The more hands you play wouldn’t determine your winnings if you aren’t meticulous about how your play. What matters is the size of the pot and not how many hands you play during any gaming session.

E. You have to learn when it is right to fold. The Aces and the Kings are the strongest hands you can have in any poker game and don’t waste the opportunity when it comes. Make sure you raise or re-raise whenever you have Aces and Kings. You also need to know when to fold, for instance, when you couldn’t hit or draw after a flop. I have seen many players that don’t fold AK and AK even when they must have lost previous games for the same playing error.

F. If you are loosing consistently, then it is time to withdraw from the game, at least for few hours. This will ensure that you don’t record unbearable loses.

While these tips are all important, you are advised to read more books on poker, learn and take the games easy!